Friday, February 25, 2011

has it really been 2 years?!

ok, so I may have dropped the blogging ball. shocking. not really. Actually, it was only by accident that I even opened up my blogger account the other day (was trying to find a recipe and hit the wrong link). So, while Im here, I thought Id jot down an update on my weight loss journey.

I am doing AWESOME!!! I couldnt be happier with myself. Its taken longer then it should, but whatever, life happens. Between the kids, the house, work (Ive been working as Realtor for a property management company for the last year), the husband, and everything else, well, thats alot of life to get in the way. Im currently rocking out Chalean Extreme (terrible name - awesome program).  Im weighing in at 121lbs! only 6 away from my ultimate scale goal of 115! my size 4's are getting big!! oh and dont even get me started on my arms...i have actual definition!!! me!! Definition!! who wouldve thought?!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Kitchen Makeover on a Real Budget!

As most of you know, our house has definitely been a "God Thing" (as my hubby likes to call it). Long story short, I actually found this house when I came to talk to the owner of it about listing it with me. I can remember the first day I saw it - just driving into the neighborhood I was thinking "oh I want to live someplace like this - this would be an ideal place to raise the girls". Though I also knew that I was going in to put the house on the market at 50k over our price range. So I knew I was just dreaming as we would never have been able to afford anything here. Well, long story short, I never listed the house because after a few minutes of talking with the owner and touring the property I made mention about how much I loved it and how my husband and I were currently looking for a home ourselves as our current home had just gone under contract. She told me to make her an offer. So I did and then told her that we could probably sell the house for entirely more then that. So I left and was scheduled to go back over a few days later to get some papers signed. That evening she called and said that she would take my offer. I was floored! I had just told her that I could sell the house for almost 50k more then what I told her I could afford, but to her it was worth not having to deal with people coming in and out for showings, open houses, all the Realtor fees that go with it. So technically, we bought the house before The Hubby had even seen it - i just asked him to trust me on it, and he did. I love that man.

The house was in need of some dire updating - its a colonial built in 1979 and nothing had been done to it since. So its been a labor of love - what we in the real estate industry like to call "sweat equity". We have big plans for the place, but we're doing to simple things first and taking it one room at a time.

This is the kitchen the way it was when we first saw it - junk included. It was dark, dirty, outdated, and had way too much brass then any one room should - then any house should for that matter.

005 (3)

003 (2)

So as you can see it was pretty bad. Our ultimate plan is to knock out the wall where the sink is that separates the kitchen from the dining room and make it one large eat in kitchen. But until we have 20k for that, we did the next best thing – we just made what we had look as nice as possible.

We refinished the cabinets, painted the walls, put in new butcher block countertops, new sink & faucet, as well as new blinds, shelves, appliances, kitchen table & chairs, and knick knacks (I’m actually not a big fan of knick knacks but The Hubby is, so we have some).

The finished product

6-27-09 003

6-27-09 004

6-27-09 005

6-27-09 008

Not too shabby eh? New flooring for the entire house is on the list, but so is landscaping for the backyard for our upcoming swing set from Make-A-Wish, new deck stairs, new sliding glass door, finished basement, new central a'/c unit, furnace…etc you get the idea. It works for now and we’re not only happy with the outcome but proud of it.

The majority of this kitchen has been brought to you by Ikea. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Onward with Irelyn

If you would, go to click on Onward with Irelyn and then click where it says vote beneath her slide show. If she wins this contest she will receive 5000$ towards making our backyard handicap accessible!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh the things I do for my babies

My 5 year old…

05-15-09 013

Novaleas bday has come and gone – almost. We head up north to my parents place for a bday/memorial day picnic/bonfire this weekend. After Saturday, then her celebrating will officially come to an end…and then we move on to the Hubby’s…and then just 2 weeks later the baby will be turning 1… ACK!

Novi had a great time on her actual bday and at her party then just a couple of days later. Nothing too elaborate – just friends, food, and a lot of ice cream sundaes. Her take-in birthday treats for preschool turned out okay – not near as nice as what I would’ve liked, but the chocolate I was using on my flowers decided to revolt and absolutely refused to stick properly to the cake balls (get your mind out of the gutter). The darn things took forever to do, so by the time I was done it was after midnight (much like it is right now), I was tired, cranky, and not caring all that much if a bunch of 4 & 5 year olds thought the flowers weren’t properly adorned in pink & purple chocolate. What can I say, a perfectionist I most certainly am not. Despite it all, Novalea said they were a hit, so I actually doubt very much that her peers even took the time to look at what they were scarfing down, let alone admire its creativity and the painstaking hours that went into them.

Behold the fruits of my labor…

05-15-09 001

05-15-09 011

Like I said, the bloody chocolate refused to adhere properly – but you get the general idea of it attempting to be flowers in a flower pot. Everything being edible with the exception of the actual pot and the flowers “stem”.

Maybe one day Ill get real crazy and attempt to work with fondant.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Baking

I cant believe that my baby girl – my first baby girl – is going to be 5 tomorrow! How on earth did that happen??? Gone is the 5lb baby we brought home from the hospital and in her place is a now 40lb little girl who is ready to take on the world…well at least school. She is so excited to start kindergarten in August and just as equally psyched to ride the bus. The bus is something Im not too thrilled about – the idea of my innocent little girl on a big bad school bus just doesnt sit too well. The Hubby thinks Im over reacting – he also doesnt quite seem to understand why I get so emotional when we do or talk about anything realted to her going to school. Its a big step for a mom when her first born heads off to full day kindergarten!

The girls and I are spending today getting her birthday snack made so she can take them in to her preschool class tomorrow. We are going to be attempting the Pioneer woman’s flower pot dessert (substituting ice cream for pudding) and instead of a fake flower we will be using Bakerellas flower cake pops. For her actual bday party on Sunday she is requesting an angel cake – not an angel food cake, but rather a cake that looks like an angel…not quite sure how Im going to pull that off yet. Sundays party is going to be an ice cream sundae party. Oh we’re not done. Then, the following weekend, we are heading up north to my parents place to have a Bday/Memorial Day BBQ. No clue what I’m making for that.

We dont just do birth DAYS, but rather birth WEEKS.

This was last years cake – I am no Martha Stewart, but it didn’t fall apart and it made my then 4 year old birthday girl very happy.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have some pictures that Ive been meaning to post but just havent got around to…Im gettting around to it now. Odds are if youve been by our lilbambino website you have already seen them, but it wont hurt you to see them twice.

My 29th Birthday with my sister and my girls.

04-25-09 003

Easter Morning

04-11-09 007

Mothers Day

05-08-09 039

Thursday, May 7, 2009

a pound at a time

Im updating with my progress in hopes that it helps to keep me accountable. Im down 4lbs and have been doing very well with my eating and have been faithful in my workouts. Yay me!